Who is Festa Italiana?

Festa Italiana is the only Italian Festival in San Joaquin County put on for the benefit of the Community by Italian organizations.

Proceeds from Festa Italiana have provided student scholarships, prizes for Essays celebrating Italian Culture, refurbished Historic Bocce Courts and published a book celebrating Italians of San Joaquin County. When the Italian Community unites--there's nothing we can't do!

About the Hosting Organizations

 The Pacific Italian Alliance is a Central Valley non-profit organization devoted to celebrating Italian heritage, promoting Italian culture, and partnering with the community, educators and the Italian Government.

Liguri Nel Mondo means "Ligurians in the World." Ligurians are people who emigrated from or are descendants of those who have emigrated from the region in Italy named Liguria. This is the region around Genova.

Founded in 1974, the goal of the Central California School of Italian Language and Culture is to embrace, preserve,and perpetuate the Italian language and culture in central California. This is accomplished through Adult language and cultural education, Children's education and Cultural, social, and fundraising events.

 The Italian Athletic Club on Cherryland Ave. sponsored a number of teams and athletes over the years. The Club features bocce courts, leagues and open play complete with a Wednesday Night Bocce Menu and Thursday Lunches. Team Bella Bocce was the first women’s team to win a National Championship A Division Gold Medal.

The Societa Italiana dei Beneficenzi del Giardinieri was founded in 1902 and have continuously maintained their traditions. The Italian Gardner’s were initially established as a mutual aid society providing health and death benefits, and members made an effort to recruit other Italian speaking gardeners, farmers, and ranchers despite their Italian region of origin. Today, The Italian Gardeners are a social organization keeping the Italian Culture alive through the annual Gardeners Picnic and other cultural events.

 The Bersaglieri, is the oldest Italian club in San Joaquin County established in 1885 in Stockton as La Societa' Italiana di Mutuo Soccorso della Campagnia dei Bersaglieri where members would look after each other and provide disability and death benefits to the immigrant’s family. The club continues today (129rd year) as a social club and foundation that continues to provide support for the Italian American community.